Highly skilled mixologists

Our bar staff have been created and ever growing with expert skills. We have cocktail and mocktail mixers who have been honoured to work with many VIP events up and down the country and working on your event would be a pleasure for them. They hold many skills such as bottle throwing and flair bartending which would leave any guest amazed and amused.

We have waiters who are very professional and on demand to offer their services. We select our staff on skills and never discriminate or offer ‘zero-hour’ contracts, we ethically select our team and ensure they are skilful enough to meet your high standards.

All our bar staff will carry their own bar tools and have their exceptional expert knowledge into how they can add a unique touch to your event. Furthermore we have over 14,000+ bar products and brands, so getting specific products for your event will be our pleasure. Whether you want large personalised chillers or glassware in the shape of a palm tree we have this covered for you.