Pubs, Bars & Night Clubs

We know the importance of pubs, bars and night clubs within the UK industry and have therefore created a dedicated stockpile in our warehouse for you. We have huge product ranges available including snacks i.e. peanuts, crisps, and bar equipment i.e. glassware, napkins, free flows, champagne buckets. We also have a very close working relationships with many of the major global breweries such as Heineken, AB InBev and Molson Coors who will be available to lend a hand if you have any requirements. We also can help you run your bar and gain exposure by letting manufacturers like Diagio, Pernod Ricard, Bacardi or Moet Hennessy help develop your ideas.

With so much pressure on pubs, bars and night clubs, it is difficult to make a thriving business, we therefore have very competitive rates on all products and are willing to offer you free merchandising. This will in return really attract those important customers to help you sustain a reputable and profitable business.

Contact us today to see how SAVE-MORE DRINKS can help your pub, bar and night club.