what’s your tipple…

We all get asked what your favourite drink is? 58% of us are left thinking without an answer unless a sign is given! Merchandising and Point of Sales (POS) equipment are powerful tools to have in your bar, pub, hotel, or club to grab a profitable option available to your customers. Through visual product display, whether it is your back-bar, chillers, or large neon lights in your venue, you can substantially increase the sales by a whopping 16%.

We have merchandise that are backed by market leading industries to help you get a larger exposure to the products you are selling. These product displays and the messages they advertise to the customer is very important to have in your premises. Common types of merchandises and POS we can offer are menus, posters, glassware, display bottles, drip mats, coasters, clothing, parasols, chillers, bottle openers, match sticks plus many more.

With so many options for merchandise available, we will offer you the most appropriate POS that will best suit your premises. This will allow a greater exposure and enhance the look and feel of the bar, pub, club, or restaurant, hence increasing your sales.

If you are unsure about which POS to have please feel free to contact your accounts manager for further information. We are here to help you and increase the exposure available to you and your products.