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Wholesale drinks

Range of products

We have an inventory consisting of 4000 different spirits, from your popular daily brands to the well specialised selection. We ensure our inventory is well stocked, so your brands are always available upon request. Our dedicated procure team will always be in touch with the current demand in the market and will always be on hand to advice and assist when needed.

With a huge surge on gin over the recent years, we have helped our customers focus on the current trends and gain healthier margins when called for. We have seen many new lines in the past, present and in the future, which is grabbing the hospitality trade by storm. Such as the low-calorie prosecco or non-alcoholic alternatives, or even the influx of locally sourced ingredients for cocktails and the popularity of rose gins and rose wines, we have the intel to keep you up-to-date on the drinks industry.

Our team carefully selects a range of wines that are sure to deliver your customer the beautiful taste packed with flavour on every sip. Our wine selections hold awards from all over the world ensuring the quality is never compromised. We have a range of wines that will meet your every criterion, from a full-bodied Malbec in Argentina to a Huangjiu or “yellow wine” from China, we have you covered.

We have over 3400 beers, draughts and ciders available to offer you, so you are constantly stocked up. We have selected our ranges from local breweries like Windsor and Eton Brewery to the globally renowned brands like Heineken, Molson Coors, Budweiser and Carlsberg. We stock beer/cider bottles that are environmentally friendly and bottled using recycled glass to gluten free beers in cans.

A crisp and favoured gin is not the same without tonic. Our range of soft drinks available to you will ensure your customers are kept happy and satisfied when enjoying their favourite beverage. We work closely with manufacturers to bring you brands like Fever Tree, Schweppes, Coke Cola, Double Dutch, Britvic, Evian, Hildon Water and even soft drinks from around the world like Thumbs Up, Limca, and Jarritos.

Place you orders…

Upon receiving your order, we will have it delivered within 24 – 48 hours, or as agreed with your account manager. We have an option of same day delivery when required. We support a very easy and flexible ordering process where our dedicated team are waiting to take your orders and answer questions you may have between 08:30 – 18:00 from Monday – Saturday. If you prefer to rather place your orders via WhatsApp / SMS or email, that is also available. We allow your order to be edited until it is finalised. Orders are finalised at 12 noon upon receiving the order and arranged for processing ready for dispatch. So, if you want to include an extra case of Coke Cola Draught BIB or few additional cases of prosecco, you have plenty of time.

Special Delivery...

We have an own in-house delivery service that is efficient enough to continue the supply chain for all our customers on-time, every time. It is important to us that all our customers have their orders delivered as and when required, this is one of the reasons why we have allocated delivery slots for each region. Our dedicated staff in the warehouse would receive your order and hand-pick your items carefully. Once your order is picked, we would use our recycled boxes to store your glass bottles securely. We palletise the order and shrink wrap the goods by using recycled material preventing any damage during logistics.

We are very considerate towards the global environment and the local community and will do what it takes to ethically reduce our carbon footprint through sustainability. We have maintained and upgraded our fleet of vehicles to bring them in-line with the governments low emission figures when delivering in congested areas. We group together local deliveries in a region daily to lower the CO2 emissions and trained our staff to efficiently drive in all areas i.e. avoiding unnecessary braking and acceleration and using portable devices to help avoid getting stuck in traffic jams.

Marketing support

We have experts on hand to give you answers on your business-related questions and how to develop your ideas. We can help you create wide selection of materials to help promote your business and sell more. From creating a unique drinks menu for selling your fine wines, to setting up a rustic feel themed bar for your outdoor event. Or perhaps you may want to create a label to show off your brand on a bottle or want a huge banner for advertisement, we will guide you along and help you complete your project.

There are many drinks that customers will enjoy, most commonly a refreshing cocktail made in front of them. The margins involved creating a beautiful cocktail are higher and we will work with you creating the right mix. We will create your menu, offer you the correct glassware and perhaps sparklers to create an experience that only you can provide your customer.

Regarding support on spirits, we will work with you and supply the correct merchandise for your venue. This is done by using the market research information available on beverage brands to offer you the most profitable options available. We will guide you through building a bar that will maximise space and create an atmosphere that your customers will want to return to again and again. This coupled with the right retail pricing structure, we will ensure you will be able to achieve your set goals.

We have account managers who visit breweries around the world to get an insight knowledge into more about the brands we offer. From Heineken breweries in Amsterdam to Guinness Storehouses in Dublin or the Jack Daniel Distillery in Lynchburg to the Mount Gay Rum distillery in Barbados, we are convinced that you would have the right support from us when it comes to selling our brands to your customers.

We offer a service where you can share your aspirations with your customers through leaflets, banners, posters, menus, or any possible methods available to get the word around. Our professional developers will take your ideas and build a strong support for you. We will use our experience and original ideas to help you design an eye catching medium to get the word around and bring customers through your door. This coupled with our point of sale merchandise will bring further emphasis on certain products, hence increasing sales.

Our expert developers will design menus for you to confidently show your drinks products to your customers and sell more. This will increase your profitability and bring extra footfall through the doors. Through careful designing and cleverly arranging your menu, we can confidently say we will increase your sales.

Our developers use professional tools to create menus, leaflets, posters and more to attract the right crowd and visually attract customers to purchase specific products. There are many attributes to consider when designing a successful menu, from visual affects to pricing structure to market research to food pairing wines will all contribute to increasing sales hence maximising profit margins.

We can brand almost any product you desire so you are can stand apart from your competitors. Our team will handle your request and offer a smooth service throughout resulting in a product you will be proud of. We have found that this service has increased brand recognition and will allow your customers’ loyalty and retention to increase. This is a very cost-effective way to market your business and giving your business a unique product.

 Ask your account manager to see how we can help your requirement.

With the owner of SAVE-MORE having a financial accounting background, we are confident to say we are more than just a drinks wholesaler, but a specialist wholesaler who will do what needs to be done to increase your profit margins.

Through trends and data analysis of information, we will report back to you on steps to take to increase sales. We will encourage you to make changes to follow the market trend and be the high point of the latest drinks fashion and attract customers. We will use our knowledge on your buying trend and advice you to adjust your products accordingly, so your stock turnover is maximised and include a range that is most attractive.

The information we will offer you can be applied on a design stage through one of our developers, to create menus for you to reflect the changes and see an increase on your sales.

We all get asked what your favourite drink is? 58% of us are left thinking without an answer unless a sign is given! Merchandising and Point of Sales (POS) equipment are powerful tools to have in your bar, pub, hotel, or club to grab a profitable option available to your customers. Through visual product display, whether it is your back-bar, chillers, or large neon lights in your venue, you can substantially increase the sales by a whopping 16%.

We have merchandise that are backed by market leading industries to help you get a larger exposure to the products you are selling. These product displays and the messages they advertise to the customer is very important to have in your premises. Common types of merchandises and POS we can offer are menus, posters, glassware, display bottles, drip mats, coasters, clothing, parasols, chillers, bottle openers, match sticks plus many more.

With so many options for merchandise available, we will offer you the most appropriate POS that will best suit your premises. This will allow a greater exposure and enhance the look and feel of the bar, pub, club, or restaurant, hence increasing your sales.

If you are unsure about which POS to have please feel free to contact your accounts manager for further information. We are here to help you and increase the exposure available to you and your products.

Business Tools

We have close working relations with our suppliers who bring huge money saving offers on a wide variety of products.

Every fortnight we offer special deals to our customers. Our promotions will bring money saving offers to you, therefore allowing you to have bigger profits with lower prices. The well know global brands will offer you deals on spirits, beers, ciders, wines, champagnes, soft drinks, food products and bar equipment, through our promotional emails you will benefit from our deals.

We also promote special deals on social media such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Join us and always be up to date on what we are offering. Ask your account manager to be enrolled in our money saving deals through our emails.

Our offers available will consist of free stock, point of sales, multi-buys, and special price discounts. Along with these amazing offers we will bring the latest news to you relating to your industry such as serving suggestions, new products available, competitions and market data. You will be well prepared to gain an increase in footfall through your doors.

Through research we have discovered that many UK consumers would use special offers to purchase products, therefore increasing sales. Through our relations with you the customer, we can suggest which deal would be a great advantage for your business and help you grow your sales.

Our promotions are not available to all customers however we will ensure the right deal for you is available. Your account manager will be able to pass your requirements to our global brands so further deals can be brought against your sector. Please get in touch to see how further we can assist you.

We will support your business by offering you more than just drinks, we will supply you the most popular bar equipment needed to be ready and well equipped when serving your customers. We have over 14,000+ products and ranges, from fast pourers to tiki glasses, to parasols to fridges, we got you covered.

We can offer you products in single units, cases and bulk to meet your specific needs. This coupled with our optional same day delivery service, you should be confident to know that we have your interests at heart.

By using our services, as a SAVE-MORE customer you will be looked after. Get in touch with one of our account managers and see how we can further help you.

In order to apply for a trading account with Save-More, this form must be completed accurately and in full, all terms and conditions must be read thoroughly.